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Hearing Protection Devices (HPD)

Hearing protection device codes are selected during the hearing test screening within WebAudi

Hearing protection devices (HPD’s) comes in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of effectiveness (NIOSH-NRR).

According to CAOHC (Council for Accreditation for Hearing Conservation) there are four (4) types of hearing protection devices; Ear plugs, Ear muffs, Semi-aurals and Special protectors.

Webaudi allows you to find your hearing protection devices in a drop down list, or carefully enter the code, brand name, type and NRR into the database program.

Remember, according to the late Dr. Aram Glorig, the founder of Industrial Hearing Conservation, “ the best hearing protection, is the hearing protection that is worn” and WebAudi adds “properly”

All Major HPD device styles and types are available with a listing of their NRR(Noise Reduction Rating)

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